Sunday, 19 January 2014

The journey continues........

Diversity held it's first meeting of 2014, when eight members continued with their current project "the journey".
After a general chat about what we had been doing during the Holiday break,   Yvonne showed us some ice-dyed fabrics she had produced and explained what she had been working on in her Creative Sketchbook course.
Helen opened the session on our current project.  The drawing travels through the English countryside on a train journey and alongside a canal.  Helen went on to show us a few tracings she had made from selected areas to consider as possible designs to make a stamp, but wants to explore these further before making a decision on her final stamp design.

Helen's journey

Next Cath showed us her ideas, working from an area in her drawing which she has isolated and traced, duplicating it several times to come up with a final design which will be now used to produce a stamp.  Group discussion lead to us deciding that we would each produce a cushion using our final design choices, and have them completed in time for the VSS exhibition in the autumn.

Cath's striking design

Jenny explaining her thought process

Next we moved on to Jenny's work.  Jenny is our mentor in this project, having worked in this way numerous times, so it's alwasy interesting learning her thought process of how she progresses from the small "window" selections she has traced to the next design stages.

Some of the selection choices Jenny has made for further exploration

Jenny chose one of the selected areas filled in some of the shapes in the area then enlarged it, duplicated it, produced a positve and negative drawing of the same area and came up with the designs below.  Jenny explained how with a few little changes the same shape can be made into several different layouts encouraging us to try the same with our own selected areas.

In this shape selection of Jenny's, she has left the areas unfilled, but again enlarged the shape, then duplicated it.  Jenny thinks this design could be suitable for use in a digitised embroidery and may explore this idea further.
We next looked at what Gwen had been working on.  Gwen says she was unable to find a selection which she thought she could work with, until she tried making her selections using a 1" window.

Here is the selection Gwen has settled on using and she began by filling in some of the line shapes 

Gwen worked on grided paper and proceeded to try out various layouts by duplicating and mirroring her selection

and finally decided on this layout, enlarging it in size.

Gwen began work on making her stamp by the end of the session

Every picture tells a story!  

Yvonne told us how frustrated she felt at not being able to find a suitable selection from her drawing to explore further.  Yvonne tried  a different approach in an effort to move forward, using a suggestion Jenny had made of photocopying her original drawing then cutting this up into 4" squares to see if these would yield any ideas.  Yvonne says she found a few potential areas, but still nothing "jumped out" at her.  Jenny suggested she could try and make fresh selections from these smaller pieces, and eventually Yvonnne found a selection she likes and explored this further.

One of Yvonne's selections, duplicated with a few extra lines added

At the end of the session, Yvonne says she felt happier now that she had a design under her belt, but would still explore further areas. 

 Jill arrived at today's meeting with a design she created at the last meeting,

At Jenny's suggestion Jill began exploring another selection she had made previously to see if she could come up with anything else.


and the same design with line spaces filled in

and further selections from this new design

Jill tried duplicating circle selections, then duplicated them and added lines to come up with the design below 

Carol worked away quietly and found a couple of selections which she then joined and filled in to give a design she was happy with.  Carol went on to experiment with funky foam and card to create a small stamp, these can be seen on the left of the photo below.

Carol's selection and stamp trials

 For my own work (seen above), I had difficulty finding a selection I liked when working with 2" windows, but as soon as I took Jenny's advise and tried with a 1" window, I found several and narrowed these down to four, which I then re-drew on the computer using Corel Paint Shop Pro .  I was then able to duplicate, enlarge and mirror these to give me some ideas to explore further 

using the same shape enlarged and in different layouts 

I am not sure yet whether I will pursue this design further and produce a couple of stamps to make this layout into a centre panel for my cushion, or re-visit one of the other shapes which I also like.
We all agreed how much we enjoyed this session, and are looking forward to the next one when we hope Ann will be well enough to join in too.  See you next time.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Postcards from Lucky Dip Challenge

As a final part of our Lucky Dip Project this year, we decided to make a small fibre postcard for each other using that person's individual theme subject.  These are the resulting creations.

Ann made this postcard for me and my subject was Stones

Carol made this card  for Jenny whose subject was Architecture

Cath made this card for Jill whose theme was Seed Heads

Gwen's card for Yvonne, whose subject was Art Nouveau

Jenny made this card for Yvonne, whose theme was Art Nouveau

Jill made her postcard for Carol, whose subject was Ronda

I made this card for Ann, whose theme was Reflections

Yvonne's card was made for Gwen whose theme was India

Yvonne also made this postcard for Cath whose theme was Leaves.

We all enjoyed making these little cards and think this exercise may possibly be repeated at the end of the next project.  Talking of the next project, "The Journey", I must apologise to Cath and Yvonne for mixing up their drawings and attributing them incorrectly.  The photos below are correct now, I hope!

Yvonne's journey

Cath's journey
Enjoy working on your designs girls, see you all in a few weeks time for the next session when we will be making blocks and printing.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Journey.....

This week's meeting saw the start of our new project.  One of our group members Ann, suggested this project after seeing it in Kim Thittichai's book, - experimental textiles.  The idea is to tape a piece of long white paper to the table top and starting at one end draw a journey, real or mythical.  The object of the exercise is to make marks on  paper so "proper" drawing is not essential, and if we could not fill some areas of the paper with things we see on our journeys, we can fill in these gaps with any marks.... squiggles, dots lines etc.  The idea then is to use various shaped "windows" to isolate a pleasing section of the drawing to use to develop a printing block for use in later work.

Following Kim's suggestion those taking part each drew a journey, using various sized thickness of black felt-tipped pens.  The drawings have all been photographed in two parts so details can be seen and are not straight as I was balancing on chairs to get enough in the photo! And I hope I have attributed the right names to the right drawings.

 Jenny chose to draw her recollections of a recent trip to Morrocco,

Jill chose her recent trip to Cape Cod

Gwen chose a canal trip

Yvonne drew her journey from home to our meeting hall

Cath drew a journey from her house (sorry Cath I don't think I have the full drawing!)

I chose a journey, not of my own, but that of a pine seed to finished pieces of pine furniture!

Carol's journey

We were timed making our drawings to 30 minutes only, then Jenny talked to us about the next stage in the project, involving the use of the "windows" and showed us various shapes she has used in the past, varying from simple squares and circles, to diamonds and triangles to select areas that we liked.  We then spent the remainder of the session, finding sections of our own drawings which appealed to us and traced these onto tracing paper for further duplicating, cutting out, then trying out various arrangements on paper to create pleasing designs.

Two of Cath's selections duplicated and rearranged

Gwen found this selection and duplicated and mirrored it

Two of Jenny's selections duplicated and rearranged

Two of Jill's selections, duplicated and arranged into possible designs for later use

Yvonne found lots of areas with promise

We will be continuing this process of selecting and trialing out shapes from our drawings until we meet again in the New Year, when we will develop the design by creating a printing block.  We will explore various ways of making printing blocks, from using string glued to a background to carving potatoes, and Jenny will also show us how to create screen prints using freezer paper as a resist.  We are all really looking forward to this next session to develop our ideas further.  I hope you enjoy following our progress too.